All of Govt. or Govt.-aided Schools have now BanglarShiksha Portal for their Student Management. What are you waiting for? This is a great opportunity for Private Coaching Centres, Private Schools etc to get the Student Management System at the most reasonable cost. The system includes Online Admission Form, SMS Alert, Email Notification, Online Payment System, Student/Parent Login, Online Exam, Study Materials, Mark-sheet, ID Card, Biometric Attendance and many more exciting features.

Responsive Design

Your school’s most important administrative tasks are not mobile-ready. Organize classes, perform daily attendance, and communicate with teachers from your phone or tablet.

Role Based Access

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators all access the system according to specialized roles, with their own dashboards and permissions.

Features you'll Love


Record attendance for each class throughout the day. Premium functions like our SMS add-on let teachers send absent notifications to parents.

Create exams and assign them to a subject. Add grades and assign them to students with ease.

Create and assign new classes with ease. Assign students and teachers to classes and subjects according to your established timetable.

  • Generate custom timetables for different classes. Provide information on class schedules to its participants with a single click.

  • Calendar and exam schedule functionality is built in. Assign teachers, parents, and students to any school event automatically.

Send notifications to students, parents, and teachers according to any grouping or category. Keep the community around your school informed!

User Specific Permissions


  • Add/update/delete students information
  • Add/update/delete teachers information
  • Add/update/delete student marks
  • Manage logins for students/parents/teachers
  • Manage school events
  • Get feedback from Students/Parents
  • Manage transportation details
  • Edit system settings
  • Send Message to Teacher/Parents/Students
  • Update/delete parents information
  • Update/delete students information
  • Add/update/delete Class Events
  • Add/update/delete student marks
  • Manage subjects/attendance/exams/classes
  • Send email or SMS notifications to all users



  • View teacher’s profile
  • View school events in calendar
  • View Student’s marks/attendances and other comments
  • Send feedback/message to teacher
  • View Student’s class routine
  • See overall performance of Student’s class
  • View school transportation and routes
  • Manage own profile
  • View school transportation and routes
  • View school events in calendar
  • View subject details
  • View marks and attendances
  • View class routine
  • Send feedback/message to administration/teachers/students