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Downloads for Jobs

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HS Subjects Combination [L/Secy/48/2013, dated: 27-05-2013]
HS Subjects Combination [Cir/PR/01/2013, dated: 10-06-2013]
WBCHSE Subjects Combination L/PR/159/2020, dated: 15-10-2020orders
General Science by TICSTICS2020Bengalibooks jobs
Employment News 10-10-2020N/A10-10-2020Englishnews-paper jobs
Karmakshetra 14-10-202014-10-2020Bengalinews-paper jobs
Mutual Transfer App
Karmakshetra 30-09-2020N/A30-09-2020Bengalinews-paper jobs
General KnowledgeManohar Pandey2021Englishbooks jobs
Employment News 03-09 OctEmployment News03-09 Oct 2020Englishnews-paper jobs
Achievers Special Edition April-July 2020GSCEApril-July 2020Bengalimagazine jobs
Karmakshetra 23-09-2020Karmakshetra23 Sept 2020Bengali
Employment News 26 Sept – 02 OctEmployment News26 Sept to 02 OctEnglishnews-paper jobs
Karmasangsthan 26-09-2020Karmakshetra26-09-2020Bengalinews-paper jobs
Employment News 19-25 Sept19 Sept to 25 SeptEnglishnews-paper jobs
Karmakshetra 09-09-2020Karmakshetra09-09-2020Bengalinews-paper jobs
Prelim Result

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