Current Affairs questions asked in SBI Mains 2019

SBI Clerk 2019 Current Affairs Questions

❣What is the full form of FPI?- Foreign Portfolio Investment

❣19 August is celebrated as which day?World Humanitarian Day

❣Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium?- Delhi

❣Kaziranga National Park?- Assam

❣Male is the capital of?- Maldives (Currency- Maldivian rufiyaa)

❣Where was the SCO Summit 2019 held?-Kyrgyzstan

❣Who is the Lok Sabha Speaker?- O.P.Birla

❣Who is the author of the book “War Over World”?- Devika Sethi

❣What is the C stand for in dPCR?- digital Public Credit Registry (PCR)

❣The profession of VK Birla?- Industrialist

❣Agrabad Tiger Reserve?- Telangana

❣Name of the stadium in Cuttack?- Barabati Stadium

❣Which city has recently been included in UNESCO World Heritage City?- Jaipur

❣Tapan Ray is the head of which committee?-CIC of RBI

❣National Museum of Indian Cinema was held in where?- Mumbai

❣Who represented India at G20 Ministerial Meeting?- Piyush Goyal

❣World Economic Situation Prospect report is published by?- UNDER

❣Sadananda Gowda is from which ministry?- Chemical and Fertilizer

❣Ques on Balance Fund?- MF + Shares+Debt

❣India International Cooperative Trade Fair was held at? –
New Delhi

❣which bank has the highest wilful defaulter?- SBI

❣First Indian State to issue Masala Bond?-Kerala

❣Elephant rehabilitation facility?—– Kerala

❣Damanganga-Pinjal river linking project?

❣Maturity of Commercial Papers?- up to 1-year

❣tax if aggregate cash withdrawal from one or more accounts exceeds Rs 1 crore? -2%

❣Unclaimed amount in LIC (June-July)?- Rs 10,509 crore

❣Full-Form of A in FBA?- Financial Benchmark Administrator

❣Arinjeeta Dey is related to which sports?-Karate

❣Who accounts for 1/3rd NPA out of total NPA?President of Slovakia?- Zuzana Čaputová

❣Where is the Headquarters of National Institute of Agriculture located?

–Hyderabad, Telangana

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