Normalized Score Calculation method in RRB, SSC

RRB applies normalization method for calculating the qualifying marks of an examination conducted in multiple sessions having different difficulty level of the questions for fair assessment and selection process. Let us look in detail how the normalization of marks will be done by RRB in NTPC, Level 1 Group D, JE, Paramedical & Ministerial Railway and SSC exams. Normalized Score calculation is a nightmare to maximum candidates nowadays.

There are a lot of confusions regarding this normalized marks, even some candidates blame this method addressing illegal and non-scientific method. But sorry to say, their mentality is wrong and they should

Method of Normalized Score calculation

Normalization process followed by RRBs is a scientific and statistical process. It is not a process of awarding grace marks. It completely depends on the statistical parameters calculated based on the performance of candidates in the session of the candidates as well as candidates of other sessions. The process involves the raw score of the candidate, mean and standard deviation of raw marks of candidates in his/her session as well as other sessions being normalized.

normalized score calculation

An Example of Normalized Score Calculation

At first we have to know how to calculate the Standard Deviation.

This is the formula of calculating Standard Deviation where, x1, x2, x3 ….. are the marks of all candidates in a session and x-bar is the mean. And N is the total number of candidates.

Collecting the Marks & Standard Deviation of all Seasons

Consider In examination which is conducted in 9 sessions and the statistical parameters of the sessions are as under:

Main Calculation of Normalized Score Calculation

Now Consider the Raw Marks of a Candidate is 75 and he is from Session 8.

But the Maximum Standard Deviation (Base Session) is 7. Now according to the Formula, we got this-

Normalized Score Calculation

So, the normalized marks after Normalized Score Calculation of the candidate will be 115.89 which surely differs from his/her raw score. Therefore, the normalized score can either be more or less than the raw score obtained by the candidate in an RRB Examination. The normalization process is completely statistical/ mathematical and there is no discretion/human intervention whatsoever. So, whenever Computer-Based Tests (CBT) or Offline Exams are conducted in multiple sessions by RRB, the raw marks obtained by the candidates in different sessions will be converted to normalized marks for fair assessment and selection process. PLEASE DON’T BLAME OTHERS. BE PREPARED AND GIVE YOUR BEST IN EXAM.

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