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Step by Step Guide for Online Mutual Transfer on iOSMS

Online Mutual Transfer Portal is now open for School teachers of West Bengal. The portal is now available only for Secondary School teachers. The portal is developed by West Bengal School Education Department and live on iOSMS portal. We’ll now discuss the Step by Step Guide for Online Mutual Transfer application.

Step by Step Guide

  • Please note: This portal is now available to Secondary Teachers only. Primary Section will be available soon. Meanwhile, the Primary Teachers can find their partners and save for later using our own Mutual Transfer Searching portal (click here).

iOSMS Teachers Login for Online Mutual Transfer

  1. Visit the iOSMS Portal – Click here
  2. Then navigate to “Teacher Transfer” (Direct Link)
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3. Enter your Sub-Division, iOSMS code (It can be found on your Payslip as “Employment ID” on the Right-Top corner.

4. You’ll receive OTP on Mobile Number and Email ID which are registered on portal.

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Choosing Option at iOSMS

After login, you’ll see Four Options available there.

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  1. Option 1 – I Know my Matching Applicant: When you already know your partner, then choose this option. You’ll be asked to enter his/her Employment ID to Initiate the Application.
  2. Option 2 – Search a Matching Applicant: If you don’t know your partner, you can search here for that. But since this site is new, you may or may not find any partner, but enter your data to enrich the database.
  3. Option 3 – Initiate Mutual Transfer Proposal: When you are ready, you can now initiate the application for further progress.
  4. Option 4 – View Status: It’s for checking the current status of your application.
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I hope this article helped you. sharing is Caring. Thank you. We are thankful to iOSMS & BanglarShikSha portal.